Monday, January 5, 2009

"It's not about vampires, is it?"

This was the first question posed by my collaborating writer, Chris Henderson. His next statement was "because if it is, I don't want to write it." This seems like a valid connection. With Twilight all the rage right now, making a knock-off story that steals some thunder might be a good marketing ploy. Especially since Twilight and Midnyte don't sound all that different.

The answer to Chris' question, however, was no. As much as I am a fan of monster movies, there are no monsters in Midnyte. Well, not in the traditional sense, anyway. There are some monstrous things that threaten our heroes, but not what you would classify as "standard" monsters. I had to clarify that to Chris (who seemed worried) and his next question was "Are there any werewolves in it?"

Chris Henderson is a longtime friend that used to be a co-worker. He is a TV director at the local NBC affiliate here in Salt Lake City who also happens to be a very good writer. When he agreed to help me write the 12-part series, I was very happy to unload the burden onto someone better than me. I'm fine with directing and editing (which I feel are my strengths), but I've always struggled with the writing piece. I was glad when Chris came signed up.

When he sent me the first episode script on Saturday, I became very excited. His detail and style of writing is so rich, it was very easy to visualize what is going on. While I will still be working with him on the small stuff, he confirmed his ability and allayed any fears that I might of had. If you can find people that are better than you in any given filmmaking category, use them! It will free you up and only make your product better.

You can read the ramlbings of Chris Henderson at Chris Says Stuff That He Thinks and Chris Talks About Movies, TV, Books, Etc. He has even self-published a book that he wrote called "Who Is Warren West?"

Welcome aboard, Chris! Now where is that Part 2 script...?

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