Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Press

Okay, I'm feeling the pressure. After meeting with Chris today about the story and the tweaking of the first five episodes, I have to admit it is overwhelming. I mean, who in their right mind makes a series under these constraints (time, money, resources) featuring five main characters? Most people would go for maybe 1-3, but not me, oh no!

It will work out, however. Chris and I had a very good conversation and I am excited about the project. This is usually the stage where you are most excited, because it hasn't had time to become stale or boring. It's still a fresh, pliable entity and a real brain-filler.

Casting is a concern for both of us. Not only finding the right five people (nine, if you include the entire cast), but coordinating them and getting them to show up week after week. I feel like I'm pretty good on selling the project so people stay excited, but you can never predict what people will do, especially when you can't lure or keep them with pay.

Anyway, our initial schedule is something like this: get the first five episodes finalized by the end of next week or the week after. Hold auditions. Start shooting on February 13, with the intent of the first episode airing on March 13. I want the first 5 in the can before Episode 1 airs.

It will be tough. It will get done. Right?

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